An attractive manner is assured if we will avoid the following: Sarcasm, impertinence, ridicule, hot temper, profanity, roughness, brutality, vulgarity, a loud voice, and grouchiness.” -Theron Q. Dumont, Advanced Course in Personal Magnetism The Secrets of Mental Fascination

The majority of developing personal magnetism is founded in eliminating negative qualities and cultivating positive qualities. Do some self-inventory and check to see if you have any of the undesirable qualities listed above. Perhaps you have other undesirable qualities that weren’t listed. If so, make it a point to cultivate the traits that are the exact opposites of the undesired ones.

This kind of character development is using the Principle of Polarity to polarize to the positive aspect of a mannerism, in order to eliminate an undesired quality by raising the vibration of thought to a degree that supports the development of the opposite, desired quality. The two opposing qualities are both aspects of the same thing, thus we are not trying to completely eliminate a quality, which is impossible, instead we polarize or thoughts and actions to the positive aspect of the quality, effectively ‘”eliminating” its negative aspect.

Most mannerisms are the results of thinking. The grouchy person thinks thoughts that encourage them to continue being grouchy. The high-energy person doesn’t go around thinking, oh I’m tired, or, I don’t want to be here, this is annoying. No, that’s the thought process of he grouchy person and their actions and mannerisms reflect this poor quality thinking. The high-energy person walks around thinking, I feel great. I’m going to get so much done today.

The person who has a hot temper supports and fuels thoughts of anger like, I can’t believe he said that, what an asshole. I should tell him off. The calm person thinks grounded thoughts like, I understand what he said is a reflection of his own emotional state, and I should not take it personally. What I think of myself is what’s important, and as a result, the calm person remains unmoved by the external because the internal is grounded and calm, and they develop magnetism. The hot-tempered person allows the angry thoughts to live rent-free in their minds and that leads to actions made in passion, which often leads to disastrous results that repels other people away.

“To develop a positive quality, it is important to restrain or inhibit its opposing negative; to restrain or inhibit a negative quality, develop and encourage its opposing positive.” -Theron Q. Dumont, The Master Mind

Here are Theron Q. Dumont’s Rules for the Cultivation, Development, and Strengthening of the Power of Feelings, Emotions, and Desires which I believe you will find very helpful in developing your positive qualities because I think that most of our mannerisms stem from our feelings, emotions, and desires.

  1. Frequently express, mentally and physically, the feeling, emotion, or desire which you wish to cultivate, develop and strengthen.
  2. Form the habit of expressing in action the feeling, emotion, or desire which you wish to cultivate, develop, and strengthen.
  3. Keep before you as much as possible the idea or mental image associated with the feeling, emotion, or desire that you wish to cultivate, develop, and strengthen.
  4. Restrain the classes of feelings, emotions, and desires opposed to those which you wish to cultivate, develop, or strengthen.

These rules apply to character traits and mannerisms as well as the emotions, feelings, and desires. You can use them to develop your finer qualities that will increase your magnetism. Develop those qualities until they have become so deep-rooted that they are genuine.

Genuine people are in demand everywhere. Everyone can appreciate and admire a genuine person, and can easily trust the genuine man or woman. Becoming genuine in your mannerisms takes time, especially when you are working to eliminate undesired ones. Do your best to act free and natural. Sooner or later you will see the results of your efforts.

Below are the links to the Rules for Mastery of Desire, which are very similar to the rules above that might interest the read who found them useful.






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