The following information is from The Master Mind by Theron Q. Dumont, a name believed to be a pseudonym of William Walker Atkinson. In the chapter of The Master Mind titled Mastery of Desire, Dumont lays out 4 general “Don’t” rules for the restraint of any class of feelings, emotions, and the desires arising therefrom that are deemed objectionable as well as 4 complimentary “Do” rules for the cultivation of those feelings, emotions, and desires that you wish to develop and strengthen. These 4 rules are extremely valuable for any of those who wish to develop their self-control and discipline.

I will be posting each rule for the Mastery of Desire in numerical order so stay tuned for the next three!

RULE #1 

Refrain as far as possible from the physical expression of the feeling, or emotion, or the desires arising therefrom, which are deemed objectionable. 

An objectionable feeling or emotion, and the desire arising therefrom cannot be fully manifested unless expressed outwardly and by preventing oneself from physically expressing the feeling one can halt the full development of that feeling. Although the practice of this rule can prove to be difficult, a persistent effort will eventually develop the mastery which is sought after.

Dumont claims that those in important positions often make it a rule to maintain an even, low tone of voice when threatened by a rush of anger to prevent the full manifestation of anger which could have devastating consequences. Each physical expression of emotion fuels the fire of said emotion so the lack thereof will eventually exhaust that emotion of the nourishment it requires to continue existing.

Frequently express, mentally and physically, the feeling, emotion, or desire which you wish to cultivate, develop, and strengthen. 

This complimentary “Do” of the first rule is aimed at the positive spectrum of emotions and reminds me of the popular phrase, “fake it til you make it.” Because feelings, emotions, and desires are strengthened by the physical expression thereof, it is advantageous for one to physically express those of which one wishes to experience.

Just as exercise and practice develop the physical muscles, the emotional muscles can be developed in the same manner. If you wish to cultivate a certain positive emotion, act it out. Physical states influence emotional states and emotional states influence mental states.

If this sparks your interest and you’d like to read the book you can visit this link to read this chapter for free! Happy reading!

Mastery of Desire Rule #2

Mastery of Desire Rule #3

Mastery of Desire Rule #4



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