There are many different ways to cultivate your personal magnetism, and following the Rules of Personal Magnetism, which I will link below, will take you far, but we can boil it all down to 5 simple pillars that you can build your personal magnetism up upon.

Make the best of yourself.

Everything you do, think and say should be followed by the question, is this making me better or worse? In fact, you should be thinking that before you do and say things because we can’t necessarily stop thoughts before they happen, but we can choose to change the way we think when we have a thought that doesn’t support our progression.

Say ‘no’ to weak and self-deprecating thoughts. Literally say ‘no’ in your head and then replace that negative thought with a positive one. Keep thinking it and concentrate on it and hold it in your mind. Remember that negative thoughts do you absolutely no good and that they serve to make you weaker and lesser.

Its in your best interest to make the best for yourself. Sometimes I would think if I was better or if I was at my highest potential then I could’ve done that or have this. Well then, why not strive to be the best you could be if you thought it meant a more fulfilling life? Don’t you want to attract success? Well then, make yourself the best you can be in your area of expertise. Learn how to improve your social skills and attract good people into your life. Good people don’t want to be around negative people who aren’t working towards something better. No, good people want to be around like-minded individuals who inspire and encourage them.

Don’t you want to attract an amazing partner? Well, why would that person you want to be with want someone who doesn’t work to make themselves better? Would you want to be with someone who doesn’t take care of themselves, or would you want to be with someone who exercises and cares about their health? Would your ideal partner be attracted to the person you are now, or do you have some things to work on? I know I do. My ideal woman wouldn’t want a man who isn’t strong and successful and on top of his business. So I’m going to work on myself and make myself more magnetic so I can attract the kind of woman I want to be with.

Why wouldn’t you want to be better anyways? Do you want to live everyday just being wishful and hoping that one day things will be better, or are you going to create that for yourself and put in the work necessary to attract those things into your life? Do you want to life everyday feeling like crap and wishing you had a better body or are you going to drag your ass to the gym and put in the work? Are you going to spend your days miserable and unhappy or are you going to work on your flaws so that you can live life without making yourself live in self-imposed torment? Are you going to continue being lonely and feel sorry for yourself or are you going to develop your social skills and dress better and carry yourself with confidence so that you can attract good friends?


All of the decisions that you make are polarizing you to either growth or to regression. All your decisions are either strengthening your magnetism or working towards its detriment. Your life is a result of all of the decisions you have made, and there is power in that fact if you use it to your advantage and you polarize to the positive and use it to build yourself up. The ball is in your court and you get to decide how you want to play the game of life.

Make good decisions and not just with the big stuff because all the little decisions you make add up over time and can have bigger results than you would’ve ever imagined. Decide to be better in the way you spend money when it comes to big purchases as well as small ones. This goes for all areas of life. The small decisions can have a big impact over time so treat every decision like its either getting you closer to where you and to be or like its pulling you further away from your desires because your decisions do have that kind of power.

Decide to smile more and make better eye contact and to dress better and you will become more attractive and magnetic. Decide to frugal, save money and invest wisely and you will be a magnet of wealth. Decide to eat good, sleep good and get exercise and you will attract health and strength. Decide to use your time effectively and use it to do things that make you stronger, smarter and wealthier and your magnetism will grow exponentially.

Strong resolution.

Resolution and decision go hand in hand. Once you have decided on what it is that you want, then you have to have the determination and willpower to execute your decisions. This is where the Virtue of Resolution comes into play.

Being resolute is akin to being disciplined and to be disciplined is to be a magnet of success. When you make a decision and resolve to see it into fruition, then you must be disciplined and deny any temptation to make any other decision that would not support your original decision to be better in some way. When you are disciplined and only do those things that support being better then your magnetic force on the goal you have resolved to accomplish will be so strong that your success is guaranteed.

Your resolve and execution of good decisions will cultivate your confidence, and confidence is key to being magnetic. By doing the things you know you must do you will prove to yourself that you can do it, and you will start to believe in yourself. Once you believe in yourself and your confidence is strong, then you will start to attract incredible opportunities and accomplish great things that would’ve never been available to you when you where plagued by self-doubt.

If you fail to hold your resolve and make a decision that conflicts with your decision to be better, don’t lose hope. To resolve to do something and fail doesn’t mean that you have broken your resolution unless you give up. Persevere until you see your goals accomplished. If you resolve to do something and then fail, keep going because its not over until you decide that its over. Every good decision you make strengthens your magnetic pull on that thing that you want.

Preserving your energy.

Without good energy levels, being magnetic is nearly impossible. You don’t see the tired person going about being cheerful and attractive, influencing and inspiring the people they interact with. People with low energy aren’t magnetic. Those kind of people are grumpy, they get easily annoyed and just want to be left alone. They don’t want to go out and conquer the world and work towards their dreams.

No, people with no energy simply don’t have it in them to make the best of themselves. It takes a lot of energy to make improvements and to not give up when things get tough. If you stay up all night and don’t get proper sleep or you eat junk all the time and feel like crap and can’t get yourself to exercise, then how are you going to appear attractive to your fellow human beings or to the opposite sex? Do you look at the person who is poorly-kempt, who looks like they don’t exercise or care about looking good and think, oh wow, they’re attractive? Of course not! Those thoughts come to you when you see that man or woman running on the beach or walking down the street, well-dressed with a smile on their face.

How can you be cheerful and attractive when you just simply don’t have the energy to give? When you have high energy levels you don’t fear having to interact with people or from having to go places and do things. Think about those on top of the world moments you’ve had when something get happens to you. It feels like you have all of the energy in the world and you feel like you could talk to anyone and do anything.

You want to be the strong, energetic magnet that has an incredible pull that draws great things towards it, and not the weak, dull magnetic that has no attractive power. When you have high energy levels, you tend to be happier, cheerful and more social. You feel like you can take on life’s challenges. When you have low energy levels, you tend to be grouchy, irritable and life’s challenges seem too much to handle and you’d rather give up and go to bed.

Preserve your energy by supporting good habits and by knowing what to give your energy to. Sleep 8 hours a day, and if that’s not possible, then get as close to it as you can, and get quality sleep so that when you wake up you feel well rested and not like you have to hit snooze 6 times. Eat good and give your body food that energizes you. Drink lots of water and build up energy by exercising. Preserving you energy doesn’t mean doing nothing, it means giving your energy to things that give energy back to you and avoiding things that steal energy from you.

Looks have a lot to do with personal magnetism, and that doesn’t mean you have to be a hot babe or alpha Chad to be attractive and magnetic. If you preserve your energy and take good care of your health, then you can make whatever you have going for you go a long way. Dress good, eat and sleep good, exercise and read uplifting books and you will feel and look great and your personal magnetism will grow with you.

Unwavering persistence.

Persistence is and will always be a big one in anything you do that is worthwhile. The Virtue of Perseverance is like the ultimate life cheat code. Self-improvement of any kind requires an enormous amount of stamina and without unwavering persistence you’re probably not going to get very far. Building personal magnetism and working to bring out the best in yourself takes a lot of time, a lot of failing, and a lot of having to try and try again if you really want to succeed.

You need thick skin and an iron will if you want to survive in the world of self-improvement. It takes years of persistence to unravel all of those kinks and knots and you’ll often find a new one popping up after fixing a few and it can get discouraging. You want to develop those positive and magnetic qualities to make yourself attractive and draw better things into your life? Well then, get used to dealing frustration and failure and finding yourself back at square one more often then you’d want to be.

Its all worth it though. Never give up. Think of all those things you’re going to gain from your hard work instead of how difficult and uncomfortable it is in the moment. Persistence requires a long-term mindset because its a long-term thing. You can be more attractive. You can be more magnetic. You can have those things you want, but you’ll never get them if you give up before you get there and its not easy. It takes time and effort.

Just before I started writing this, I was feeling tired and I was tempted to just chill out and snack away while watching a movie. I knew I shouldn’t do that. I knew that I shouldn’t procrastinate, but I was feeling tired and I was going to use that as an excuse to not do what I should be doing. Instead I thought, I WILL do this. I will start writing because this is important to me and once I start I’ll feel like I have energy again. It took a while to get rolling, but I persevered and soon enough I did what I was supposed to do and it wasn’t so difficult, just starting off was the difficult part. Now I feel great. I want to do more and be more productive, and all because I persevered when I didn’t feel like don’t something I needed to do.


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