There are certain qualities that will increase your personal magnetism and other qualities that will hinder it. Below is a list of qualities that you should work to eliminate because they hurt your magnetism and a complimentary list of qualities that will cultivate your personal magnetism. Some of these come from Theron Q. Dumont’s book, Advanced Course in Personal Magnetism The Secrets of Mental Fascination, and others are my own list.

Undesirable qualities Desirable qualities

  • Don’t be indifferent…….. Be friendly.
  • Don’t be weak…………….. Be strong.
  • Don’t be uncertain…….. Be decisive.
  • Don’t be repelling…………. Be agreeable.
  • Don’t be doubtful…….. Be confident.
  • Don’t be fearful……… Be courageous.
  • Don’t be unreliable…… Be dependable.
  • Don’t be tricky……. Be honorable.
  • Don’t be lazy……… Be productive.
  • Don’t be nervous or anxious…….. Be calm and cool.
  • Don’t be quick-tempered…. Be controlled and collected.
  • Don’t be greedy……. Be generous.
  • Don’t be violent or rude…. Be kind.
  • Don’t be rough…… Be gentle.
  • Don’t be a liar…. Be truthful.
  • Don’t be messy….. Be clean.
  • Don’t be shabby… Be well-kempt.

Any negative quality has it’s opposing positive quality that should be developed in order to eliminate the negative quality that steals from your magnetism. It all sounds like common sense, but what is uncommon is self-awareness. Its easy to see those qualities in other people and understand why that makes them unmagnetic, but its hard to recognize those bad qualities in ourselves and be able to admit that you are the one that drives people away.

When we acknowledge a poor quality in ourselves the way to eliminate the undesired quality is to polarize to its opposing quality. Personal Magnetism Rule #9 explains how to do this and further expands on this concept. We all have things we have to work out, so don’t be too discouraged if you find yourself to be guilty of having one or two or even a few of those undesirable qualities. Feeling bad about it won’t do you any sort of good, but polarizing to the opposite and encouraging the growth of the desirable qualities will greatly improve the quality of your life.

Having those undesirable qualities that pillage your magnetism will do nothing to add to the pleasure and comfort of your life. Encouraging negative qualities will only bring you more negativity, just like fueling your anger and not trying to control it usually leads to making bad decisions that have even worse consequences. The desirable qualities will do you much good and attract to you good people and better opportunities. Do yourself the favor and start working on eliminating bad qualities and making yourself more magnetic. You should work on developing good qualities now so that you can send more of your life enjoying it and not having to unnecessarily suffer.



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