The Rules of Personal Magnetism are a list of rules I found in Theron Q Dumont’s book, Advanced Course In Personal Magnetism, The Secrets of Mental Fascination. The book was great, and I found the rules to be extremely useful, and so I decided to share them here.

First of all, I should explain what personal magnetism is. Personal magnetism is a force that we all have that can be strengthened and developed. It can be likened to charisma, charm or attraction, though not in the physical sense of attraction although that does add to personal magnetism.

We all know of at least one person who as a high level of personal magnetism, who is interesting, successful and good natured, and everything seems to come to this person with ease. They are great attracters with good character and inspire all of those whom they interact with. Most successful people have a great deal of personal magnetism. It is a good idea to study those people with great personal magnetism and learn from them how to cultivate your own personal magnetism.


Believe in yourself; that you have all the power you wish.

If you watch interviews with successful businessmen, athletes or music icons, you’ll find that a common theme among them is that they believed in themselves and did not doubt that they would be successful and never gave up on themselves. They knew they could do it, and in the end, they did.

Everyone likes a person with a winning personality. You want that person on your team. They are reliable and their positive mindset is inspiring and makes you want better for yourself. Do you want someone on your team with no self-confidence, who doesn’t believe in themselves and has already accepted defeat in their hearts? Of course not! That kind of person does not attract success, they moan and complain while those who believe in themselves go on winning. The winners attract success because they believe in themselves and develop those qualities and characteristics that attract good results.

Think about those people who you know that have very little self-confidence. Do they have a lot of friends? Are they very successful? Are they the kind of person that you want to spend your time with? Probably not. Then think about the people that you know with lots of self-confidence. Do they have a lot of friends? Are they the type of person that you want to talk to and hang out with? Are they successful? Are you attracted to their personality? Probably so, and that’s because they are magnetic. They believe in themselves and by doing so they attract success, wealth, friends and so on.

It can be hard to develop belief in yourself if you don’t have it already. The remedy I know for lack of self-belief is to think like you do and to act like you do until you have it. Self-belief can be developed. It takes time and patience and willpower, but it can be yours if you work for it and don’t give up on yourself. This is where the the Virtue of Perseverance comes into play.

I’ll close this with a mantra from the book that you may find helpful to repeat whenever you find your belief is wavering. Making your own mantra is a great idea. Commit it to memory and repeat it to yourself whenever you feel the need to. Convince yourself and your subconscious that you believe in yourself by repeating this mantra or your own mantra in times of need.

“I am power. I am equal to anything that may come up in my life. I will unfold personal power. I am creating within real dynamic personal power.”



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