Everything is positive. If you do not believe something is positive, then you simply haven’t found the right viewpoint yet. It’s not the thing itself that is negative, although there are negative people and situations, the problem is you allowing that person or situation to negatively impact you.

Suffering is unavoidable and is almost always necessary for growth. The hardest times of our lives may seem overwhelmingly negative. However, if you pause and take a moment to step back and ask, ‘how does this help me grow?’, you will find that although the situation appears negative at your first impression, that it is ultimately a positive force if used to promote your growth. Remember: Its not about the situation; its about how you react to it.

Maintain your positive mindset and guard it from negativity. You must persist in your efforts to overcome life’s challenges. For if you do not, you will not grow. You will fall into a negative mindset, and by doing so you give up your power and allow the person or situation to continue negatively impacting your life. You must transmute it.

Say, for instance, you believe that a certain person is negatively impacting your life. You think and think about this person; your negative thoughts arouse negative emotions, and these negative thoughts and emotions lead to negative actions. You start to imagine negative scenarios and conversations with this person, and by doing so you are attracting negative energy towards the both of you. All of this you have created in your mind, and because of this negative mindset, negativity is all that will find you.

When you think and act negatively in response to outside influences, you prove that your reaction to the problem is the problem. You must transmute those thoughts and feelings into positive ones. Polarize to the positive aspect of all things and ask yourself how this person or situation is pushing for your growth. Visualize the better solution and then act towards the creation of said solution. This is the reason why you must guard your positive mindset, for as soon as you fall into a negative mindset, you will no longer be able to see the abundance of opportunities to create positive changes in your life.

Every cloud has a silver lining. The clouds may seem to bring only darkness, but the darkness is only a small part of the process in which the clouds water the seeds of thought. If you remain positive, eventually the light shines through the clouds and the seeds of thought you have planted will begin to sprout. Did you plant a thought that will bear fruit, or did you plant a weed of a thought that will only spread and kill off your other good thoughts?

Keep the garden of your mind well maintained. Pull out the weeds, and refuse permitting their growth in your scared garden of thought. Then water your thought- seeds of a positive polarity with the same positive thoughts that it took to plant them. Finally, by action, you may experience the fruits of your efforts.

A few years ago, at a small sushi restaurant I worked at, I was in a horribly negative mindset. I was stressed and overworked. My boss was also the head chef and it was clear to me that he no longer wanted to work, and his loathing of the job was very obviously reflected in his efforts. I had to do everything. I was angry at him for being lazy and consequently forcing me pick up his slack, especially when he was the one absorbing most of the reward. Soon my own work was being affected. My focus was directed at my distain for my boss, and I fail to see how negatively my work was being impacted by it. Business was doing bad, and traffic through the restaurant came at a slower pace.

I could not believe the predicament I was in. I am an alchemist, a guardian of positivity! I do not allow my world to suffer negativity; how did this happen to me? So I stopped and asked myself ,’why?’. I pondered but found no immediate answer but to say ‘fuck it’. I chose to not give a fuck about what my boss was doing. I would remain positive and do the best that I possibly could at my job, regardless of whether or not that meant I had to  work harder then I thought I should. I was going to do my best and give the customer the best experience possible. I decided that my boss’ work ethic was a direct reflection of his inner world and that I should not let lack of effort negatively impact my own inner world.

Soon after deciding to remain positive and persist, I continued about my work with a renewed energy. I began to see the powerful influence my new outlook had on my world. I became better, faster, and more efficient. Even the attitude my coworkers had toward me changed. They saw me as more of a leader, and their trust in me grew. The customers were happier, and business started picking up again.

By choosing to not to let my boss’ actions affect me, I grew as a chef and there I found the answer to my, ‘why?’. I persisted in my mindset and soon my work became fun and challenging once again, and, on top of it all, I received a raise after only a few weeks of fostering my new positive mindset.

By becoming more aware of how your positive and negative thoughts effect your outer world, you can choose to vibrate on a positive frequency of thought whenever you please. It is a challenging process which you must expect opposition with, and a practice which you must continue for the entirety of your life. However, don’t allow the challenge to discourage you, for the longer you persist, the easier the process becomes. Remember, all is positive.


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