Don’t ever focus on being “the best”, unless your focus is on being the best YOU. Many people make the mistake of idolizing whoever is considered the best in whatever area they are interested in. This is a very dangerous and limiting thing to do. The title “the best” is a way to discourage the majority from trying to develop themselves. Most people think if someone else is already the best, then why should they try to improve themselves? Why try if there will always be someone out there who is already the best? This is a mindset of fear. The majority see not being the best a a type of failure, and because they fear failure these people choose to idolize “the best” to attempt to share in that one persons glory.

Instead of being discouraged or choosing to give up altogether because you fear not being the best in the eyes of your peers; choose to be the best YOU at whatever is it you choose to develop yourself with. Will your focus back to yourself and your inner workings. Avoid nonconstructive comparison of yourself to others. If you see someone else has a more efficient technique then you, instead of accepting that they are better in that area, absorb their technique and make it your own. Do what works for you. Do you think the stars of professional sports are thinking about whoever the best is? Of course not! They are so focused on developing their own game that they don’t have time to worry about who is considered the best. If you are to hear the opinion of the people as to whom is considered the best, allow them to have their opinion and don’t let that opinion take your focus off yourself.

Do not fall into pride to protect your ego. Those who choose to idolize are only lovers of ego. These idolizers do not want to face the truth of the fact that they are too weak to accomplish what they think they want. They fear having their failure exposed so they glorify the accomplishments of another and put down all others who are not their idol. The vast majority of people do not want to see you succeed. This is because your success threatens their precious ego. The herd will see you trying and succeeding where they have not even attempted and this makes them scared. An animal in fear will go to whatever lengths it must to protect itself, often aggressively. So when confronted with these people, realize what they are doing for what it is and do not be dishearten.

Is there even such a thing as “the best”? People are so diverse and as time goes on, everything changes. Everyone is different and everyone has their own unique skill-set and mindset. All are subject to change and whoever is considered the best now may not be considered the best over time. Other people come into their chosen field of development bringing their own new ideas and innovations, the game one person was considered “the best” at might not even be at the same level anymore. It is pointless to waste energy worrying about and defining who the best is. Focus on yourself and your own development.


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