Words are power. When you speak power is given and taken. This exchange happens with all you speak of. When you speak about yourself, as well as your inner dialogue, you will either empower yourself with you word ,or you will allow power to be taken from you. Things and ideas, along with the people you speak to, or of, exchange energy with you when you talk about them.

Word is your power to create. When you speak you send energy and vibrations out into the universe that other energies and vibrations will interact with. Become aware of the type of energy you are projecting out into the universe ,and become aware of what types of energy you receive from of your word. Like attracts like, so if there is nothing positive or constructive to say, it is best to choose silence.

Silence prevents you from complaining and victimizing yourself. Other disempowering forms of palaver such as gossip and lying are also put to a halt by silence. This virtue is the key to protecting yourself and others from negativity that you may or may not be consciously spreading. Many people are ignorant of their speech and its effects. They speak with little regard to how they are using speech, along with how their speech attracts and reflects what is within. Ignorant people project negativity onto the world with their disempowering self- talk, lies, and gossip, and wonder why they are unhappy with their lives. Choose silence. Speak when necessary and as much as is necessary to communicate truth that empowers yourself and others.

It is best not to say, but do. Word not backed by action holds no power and will not be respected. Thus it is best to choose to be silent and perform the right action. Those who talk the talk yet fail to walk the walk are never respected or trusted by their peers. These liars will never become great leaders nor shall they ever be at peace. Resolve to do what you must and then do it without having to talk about it first. People who talk about doing things, and fail to perform that which they resolve, cannot be trusted by even themselves. This inner distrust is sensed by others and as a result, no trust is placed in these imbalanced peoples by their peers.  Anything said can, and most likely will, be used against you so either speak with truth or not at all.

Do not be disheartened and think that to choose silence as a virtue is a curse to become a mute. In fact, the best conversationalists are those who choose silence. How? By being receptive and not projective. Most everyone just waits for their chance to speak and is hardly really giving all their attention to the current speaker because they are anxious to do some projecting of their own. Well, how does one engage in conversation by being silent? By asking questions and responding to questions shortly, truthfully, and often humorously.

If people want to speak, let them. Often by just listening, you will find yourself slowly collecting little nuggets of knowledge from the speaker. Knowledge is power. It is best to sit back and allow others to give you knowledge by listening and questioning. Most people will be glad to tell you all they know of themselves and of other things because they simply want to talk and feel valued. By being silent and listening to others, you show them that they are valued by you and as a result, you will be trusted and valued by the speaker. Some don’t even want to be heard. They are simply talking to talk or talking to hear themselves and feel out their own thoughts. The less you focus on how you feel and what you want to say, and the more receptive you become, and the more you will learn.

Share your opinions and beliefs when asked, and only if you believe it will benefit yourself and others. Don’t feel that because others ask that you must tell. Being comfortable in silence shows confidence and power. It is yours to choose any time you wish it. Find comfort in the silence and the answers will come. Be silent and still. Question and reflect instead of projecting what you feel with words until the time is right to speak. Avoid speaking under the influence of strong emotions. Emotions change over time, for emotions are subject to rhythm and mujo, but once word is spoken it cannot be withdrawn. Be silent until you have polarized toward the positive end of whatever emotion you experience, and then do and/or say what you must.

These are the reasons why I have chosen silence as one of my virtues. Since adapting this virtue to my way of life I have seen plentiful benefits of silence and the downfalls of talking when I should’ve kept my mouth shut. I feel more freedom in not feeling like I have to talk, and the freedom that comes from not binding myself to words I could have spoken in the past that would not be true in the present. Most of all I have become more aware of my inner works as well as the inner workings of others. Navigating life is simpler with more doing and less saying. I encourage my readers to experiment with silence and see what it can do for their lives as well. Every experience has the potential of bringing you enlightenment!


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