Through concentrated thought power you can make yourself whatever you please. By thought you can greatly increase your efficiency and strength. You are surrounded by all kinds of thoughts, some good, others bad, and you are sure to absorb some of the latter if you do not build up a positive mental attitude.” – Theron Q. Dumont

Your thoughts make you what you are. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Think about what it is you want or what it is that you want to be. Are you surrounding yourself with people, places and information that supports the kind of thinking that gets you there? If you are not, then how is it that you think you will get what you want? The silent things that are going on in your head that other people can’t hear are what makes you who you are.

What you think and focus your thoughts upon makes your life what it is. As your thoughts change, so will everything around you. Thus, it is important to control your thoughts. It may seem impossible because thoughts seem to pop up in your mind without your conscious creation of them. If this is the case, then you must practice thought replacement.

Thought replacement means first recognizing the negative thought, then making a conscious, concentrated effort to replace that negative thought with a positive one. This is how we use polarity to our advantage.

Let’s say for example you are starting to work out. It’s getting hard and you want to quit. You start to think, it’s too heavy, or it’s too hard I have to stop. Recognize that negative thought and then replace it with, I will do this, I am getting stronger, or I refuse to give in. Go to a great gym or buy some equipment and read books and watch videos about health and fitness. You are what you consume.

Why do you think the strongest guys in the gym hang out with the other strongest guys in the gym? Why do you think the millionaires and multi-millionaires only talk and do business with each other? The gym bros follow fitness pages and watch videos about nutrition on YouTube. The rich are still doing everything that they can to learn how to get richer. Why? Because they are constantly feeding their minds with influences that support thoughts that will make them into the kind of person they want to be.

Concentrate your thoughts on the proper channels. Everything you are exposed to influences how you think. Thought produces action. Action produces results. You reap what you sow, and it all begins with the thoughts you concentrate on.

Some people think they are victims to their thoughts and that they have no blame in the matter and therefore the poor state of their lives is beyond their control. This is not true. The negative thoughts may come, but they are still concentrating on them. They are still concentrating! This kind of person makes little to no effort to replace their negative thoughts with positive ones and instead use their power of concentration to focus on the negative thoughts that come up. Thats the same power of concentration that they could be using to amplify positive thoughts. But concentration takes effort and will power, which most people are unwilling to do.

Most people do not know what the silence is and think that it is easy to go into the silence, but this is not so. In the real silence we become attached to that interior law and the forces become silent because they are in a state of high potency, or beyond the vibratory sounds to which our external ears are attuned.” – Theron Q. Dumont

To be silent, we must concentrate. It is very difficult to block everything out and be silent. The way I do this is by concentrating on my breath. If my concentration falters and I allow invasive thoughts in, I bring my attention back to my breath. This is a wonderful way to develop your power of concentration.

Dumont says you can do this by also persistently and intelligently practicing thought concentration. Hold the thought:

In silence I will allow my higher self to have complete control.

I will be true to my higher self.

I will live true to my conception of what is right.

I realize that it is to my self-interest to live up to my best.

I demand wisdom so that I may act wisely for myself and others.

-Theron Q. Dumont

Commit this to memory and then practice holding those thoughts in your mind with the exclusion of all else. Develop your own or use this one, it does not matter. To be able to concentrate on one thing and silence all else is the goal.


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