You can never hope to increase your personal magnetism until you first familiarize yourself with the tools pertaining to the power.” -Theron Q. Dumont, Advanced Course in Personal Magnetism The Secrets of Mental Fascination

As mentioned before in rules one and two, to develop your own personal magnetism it is essential to study people you know who have strong personal magnetism. Watch their videos, read their books and take notes on those qualities that would be valuable to you.

Watch and observe others and watch and observe yourself. Observation is a great way to learn which qualities you would want to have as well as those qualities you wish to eliminate. “Many persons do things quite unconsciously. You may do the very things which when seen in others horrifies you. What we do ourselves never looks quite as bad to us.” -Theron Q. Dumont

Are you doing the same things that you would condemn in others? Whenever someone does something that you dislike or that is undesirable to you, stop and observe yourself and ask if you are doing the very same things. If so, take corrective action and stop yourself before you to it, and you will find yourself advancing rapidly.

In his book, Theron Q. Dumont suggests to keep a notebook and to write down each time that you do something that you should not have done, and then at night before bed to write down all the improvements you have made. It is much easier to make progress when you can see your defeats and victories in front of you on paper. It makes you much more accountable, not only for your losses, but for your wins as well.

Be ever ready to change for the better. Keep your mind receptive to the good and close it to the bad. The law of good is wonderfully magnetic, and it is deplorable that there are so few who realize.” -Theron Q. Dumont

Doing what is good and right will always bring good back to you, even if the benefits aren’t immediately apparent. Doing bad is easy, but doing the right thing is hard to do until it becomes a habit. Remember that whenever you do the wrong thing that you are reducing your magnetic power and that each offense will only require more and more effort to correct.

Personal Magnetism Rule #3 Mantra: “The right thing and the true thing are the only things worth while.”


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