Complaining is the absolute worst thing you can do about having problems. I was conversating with one of my best friends just the other night and he was telling me that he had observed that our society is full of whiners and cry-babies. I do my best to be optimistic, but I found myself agreeing with him.

Everyone seems to be so easily offended that nowadays having a sense of humor can be a dangerous thing, capable of destroying the fragile egos that seemed to have propagated into every corner of society. Speaking ones mind has become a thing that people have become reluctant to do or they don’t share their thoughts at all because they are afraid to be ridiculed or outcast by their peers.

I say if someone wants to be a sensitive little cry-baby, then let them and let yourself have a laugh about it. My friend and I came to a conclusion about the whole situation and we determined that: you don’t hear the strong man carrying the weight of his burdens. You hear the weak man crying out because he got crushed under the weight of his burden.

None of the successful people that I know or admire sit around and complain about the hand that life dealt them. They are successful because they carried their weight until they were strong enough to throw it off and build something on top of it.

If you hear someone complaining and talking about how hard life is, then take it for what it is, just another one of the masses of weak people that would cry rather than become strong. Ignore it or laugh about it, but don’t let it get you down or distract you from what your mission is.

Yes, life can be hard and unfair, but the people who went out and did great things despite all of that hardship are the people who we can’t help but to admire. Abraham Lincoln was born into extreme poverty and he grew up knowing nothing but harsh reality and hard work that would make anyone in our present day want to jump off a cliff.

Did Lincoln cry about it or let it define him or let it stop him from doing what he wanted? NO. He went on to become the President of the United States in one of, if not the most, challenging time in the history of the great nation and the history books are not full of Lincoln’s words of self pity, but full of his words of inspiration and courage, and full of his words of strength and hope.

Don’t complain. Be strong and shoulder your burden until you can throw if off your back, and if that’s not possible, then become so strong that you barely notice it anymore. You can ask for help, and you can admit you’re overwhelmed, but do so with some self-respect and don’t shout your problems out to the world.

You don’t hear the strong man carrying the weight of his burdens. You hear the weak man being crushed beneath his.


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