We all have worries and troubles. It’s a part of the human experience that molds and shapes us into the people we are today.

Our trails and tribulations are supposed to spit us out as better people. However, I know from personal experience, as I’m sure you do, that while we’re in it sometimes we can become so immersed in our worries that we tend to lose perspective.

We worry. We brood. We get so wrapped up in our own mental trappings that it’s hard to see the world in any other way, and it’s easy to let our worries consume us.

Well, I know of one sure way to give my mind rest and freshen up my perspective, and that is to exercise.

When you are exercising, really exercising, you have no time or ability to continue thinking about your troubles. It’s simply impossible.

Our minds, just like our bodies, need rest and relaxation. One way to give our minds much needed relaxation is by getting out of the mind and into the body.

I know from personal experience in martial arts that when I’m sparring or going through an intense workout that I absolutely cannot think of my troubles when I’m fighting another human being or else I’ll be clobbered!

All of my attention must be in the moment and in my body. The situation demands it, and by doing so, the part of my mind that has been racing and working so hard worrying gets to take some time to relax and recuperate. It’s no longer being used and it can rest. I come out of the gym mentally refreshed because I’ve give my mind time to relax.

If you lift weights, I’m sure you know that you cannot think of your problems when you are pushing heavy weight overhead. If you did, you’d lose all your focus and most likely injure yourself. The situation demands all of your attention and it cannot be given to worry.

Colonel Eddie Eagan said, ”I find the best antidote for worry is exercise. Use your muscles more and your brain less when you are worried, and you will be surprised at the result.”

There is also something to be said about putting yourself through a hard workout and about how by doing so everything else in life seems a little bit easier. By overcoming yourself, the world and it’s troubles seem a bit easier to conquer as well.

I’ve been thinking more about words recently, and I was astonished and excited when I realized that there is only a one letter difference between the words exercise and exorcise. I was even more excited when I thought that exercising is a way to exorcise your worries.

You have the power to exorcise the demons of worry that torment you, simply by getting up and exercising. It may not make your troubles go away entirely, that’s not what I’m claiming, but it makes it all easier to deal with and sometimes that’s all you need.

Exercise to exorcise your worries.


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