Mujo. Impermanence. Change is the only constant in this universe and because everything and everyone is temporary, we all really walk this life alone, the reason being that you are never guaranteed the people or things that you have in your life.

Sure, you’ll have company and guidance along the way, but a hard fact of life is that we never know how long we’ll walk with our friends and loved ones.

That means that you really only ever have yourself. So self-improvement is essential if you don’t want to end up alone and be stuck with your miserable self. I believe that most people avoid being alone because they are not comfortable with themselves and because they didn’t take the time and effort to develop their character.

I noticed that as I worked to improve myself and the less inner turmoil and stress that I had, the more content I became to just be alone. In fact, most people will bond themselves to individuals that they depend on to give them fulfillment just so that they won’t have to be alone.

I think one of the reasons for this is because if they were alone, then they wouldn’t have enough distraction to deviate their attention from who they really are, and they don’t want to see who they really are because it’s going to be painful so they will often sacrifice their own time, energy, goals, etc, to be with another person in order to avoid misery, but most of the time they just end up being miserable anyways because they are avoiding their own personal problems.

I have been that person. I placed someone else’s wants and needs before my own because I wasn’t confident in myself, and I didn’t want to lose them or else I’d be alone with my lack of confidence and ae a result, I’d be forced to look directly at my shortcomings.

I wasn’t thinking of the only person I’m guaranteed until I die, myself. I wasn’t thinking of what I really wanted or about what I needed to do to make myself feel better.

Why? Well, its because looking at your shortcomings is painful, and getting yourself to do things that you know you should do can be hard and are often met with resistance. I was more willing to give my all to someone who was doing what I should’ve been doing, which is acting in your own self-interest.

Eventually, the person who you throw yourself at in exchange for their time and attention will see through you and see who you really are and then probably abandon you because they don’t like what they see either. That’s just acting in their own self-interest, which is what you should be doing.

You should be exercising and eating and sleeping good because its in your best self-interest to maintain your health so that you can do the things you both need and want to do.

You should be reading and learning to improve your mind because its in your best self-interest to keep your mind sharp, strong and adaptable.

You should be taking care of your responsibilities because its in your best interest to handle your responsibilities so that you don’t get overwhelmed or stressed out or end up having to take a loss.

You should be practicing emotional control because its in your best interest to not let your emotions influence poor decisions that you’ll end up regretting.

You should be self-improving because your time and energy are limited and because you are your only true constant companion.

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