I know many people who want to improve themselves, but these people fail to do so because they fear that they lack what it takes to get to wherever they would like to be either physically, financially or otherwise.

The secret is to just give whatever energy you have to the attainment of the goal and with every effort given you will be receiving even more capacity to get things done in return.

In fact, often in times when I have forced myself to train when I was low on energy and I didn’t think I was going to be able to do much, I will surprise myself once I get my body moving. We usually have more in the tank then we think we do. Most resistance is mental.

Many people are prone to discouragement when they see a person who is successful and think that the successful person has a certain quality that they do not possess, and that must be the source of their success.

The naysayers speculate while the successful person goes and gives their best to do what they must do and that is why they succeed. The man or woman of accomplishment succeeds not because they are good- looking or because they are intelligent or because they were born into wealth. Although those factors can be and often are contributors to success, there is still the element of doing that makes the successful person a success.

There are plenty of people out there who are good- looking or very intelligent whom have accomplished hardly anything at all. It’s all about being willing to put in the effort. That is the key.

So the next time you plan to exercise or whatever it may be, give whatever you have to give to doing what you planned to do. Don’t give up before you start. Nobody cares if you didn’t have the energy that day. Nobody cares if you had a bad day and now you ‘just don’t feel like it.’ Life keeps on going even when you don’t.

Give what you have to give and that will be enough. The biggest hurdle is just getting yourself to start. Once you get past that starting phase and build some momentum, you’ll be surprised by how much you actually have in you, and hopefully that will inspire you to do even more.


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