As I was watering my yard one hot summer afternoon, I had a number of deep personal realizations. The first item of enlightenment came from something that I already knew, which was that my yard had been very neglected and some of the plants were dying.

Some plants had yellow leaves; others have totally died and there is hardly any grass in front yard nor is there much grass in the backyard either. I felt very guilty about the state of the small piece of nature that I am responsible for, and as I was watering my plants I realized that in the same way that I had been neglecting my yard, I had been neglecting myself.

I sometimes don’t give my body enough fuel just like I didn’t give my plants enough water. At times I will do the minimum whenever I am required to do maintenance of any kind. I do enough just to get by but rarely do I do everything I know I should do, and that’s why my body is not abundant in the same way my yard is lacking abundance of plant life.

I am not willing to put in the time and the effort necessary to prosper because I would rather do things that satisfy the selfish desires of the self. The way my yards are lacking is a reflection of how I treat myself. As above; so below. As below; so above.

I felt the plants come to life as I gave them water and thought to the times when I have been dehydrated or thirsty and I recalled how horrible that is, and so why would I deny water to my plants? Because I am lazy? How pitiful.

My plants drank the water in and I felt us connect. I felt myself nurture my yard and I felt that I was nurturing myself. I thought that this experience was a good reflection of my lack of abundance in the plant life in the front yard as well as the lack of abundance in parts of my life.

Why don’t I want good things? Of course I want a beautiful yard. So why don’t I do what is necessary to have one? It is because I am too lazy and I would rather do things to satisfy my selfish desires then to do that which would give me prosperity.

I then realized that I don’t trust myself to have all the things I want because I don’t trust myself to maintain them and be able to keep them because I can’t control myself and lose things because of my lack of self-control. I don’t trust myself to deserve the abundance over time because I tend to do things that lead to scarcity.

Do you have an area of your life that reflects the same? Perhaps your room is always messy and it reflects clutter of the mind. Maybe you have a health problem that reflects a group of poor habits. Or even a problem with a relationship that reflects a personal problem. Using the principle of correspondence to see where the mental and physical meet is how the alchemist discovers what they need to work on in order to raise their vibration.

The next step is to do, to act. I’m going to start taking better care of my yard and my body. Are you going to do what you need to do to make improvements in your life?

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