Man will always have a fulfilling life when he has meaning for his life. The problem is that finding this meaning can often be very difficult. I myself have gone from meaning to meaning and looked down more then a few different paths to find satisfaction for my existence.

What this shows me is not that we cannot have more than one meaning for our lives, but that whenever life does have a meaning that we are aiming towards there is satisfaction when moving in that direction.

It is like taking a trip into the mountains. When you have a map and a destination the journey is full of excitement, followed by a sense of completion when the journey has been carried out. When life is lived without meaning it is like taking the same trip without a map, moving through the mountains aimlessly and never having a destination, feeling lost and lonely.

This makes me think that having a meaning for the journey is what makes the journey worthwhile and not necessarily the destination itself. Then we must conclude that one must find the proper destination so that at the end of the journey you are in a place that you want to be.

A drunk can be content with life when they are drunk because their meaning and destination is being intoxicated. However, that is a short-sighted goal and ignorant of the final destination of drunkenness which is ill health.

Long term meaning then must be the answer to where you choose to have your destination. A drunk will no doubt have a jolly time on his trip through the mountains, but he is much more likely to have trouble along the way. And if the drunk does find himself at the destination at the end of his trip, his drinking has left him in poor health that keeps him from enjoying his arrival.

Do you have a purpose? Do you have a destination? If so, think about how you feel when you are doing what must be done to get to your goal and also think about how you feel when you are doing things that point you in the opposite direction. What does this tell you about meaning?

Think about times that you have been without meaning and direction. How did you feel? Is that how you want to feel forever? I know that when I was living without purpose that I was unhappy and dissatisfied with life until I decided the direction I wanted to head in. I had a reason for doing and it kept me going.

Where you choose to go is important, but don’t worry too much about your choice. There is always time to change your destination if you find that you chose the wrong path. And choosing a path and discovering that it is not for you can only lead you closer to the path you need to be on and is nothing to be discouraged about.

So go ahead and choose your purpose and then make your moves in that direction and see how you feel. I guarantee it will feel better then moving nowhere or being lost.


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