I’m just a guy. I don’t know everything. Who does, really? Anybody who would claim that they do indeed know everything would be a fool to say so. All I really know is my own experience and what works for me. Most of the content on Spiritual Warrior Scholar is about what works for me, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that my way will work for you.

Everyone is different. I’m not special, but we are all unique. Wouldn’t it make sense then that each person should follow their own unique path? You do you.

Everybody needs a path to follow. However, nowadays, and even in ancient times, it seems to me that human beings have always been trying to convince one another that their particular way of life is the right one.

Every world religion believes that their way is the right way. Every political party believes that their way is the right way. People all over the world are trying to convince each other who is right and who is wrong, and it can be difficult to decide which path to follow.

So go your own way. If a Christian spiritual path is what works best for you, then go for it. If a Buddhist way of life is what makes you happy, then so be it. If none of the world’s religions resonate with you, then that’s okay too. You could spend your whole life arguing what the best way of life is, but at the end of the day, everyone has to follow their own path.

What works for me might not work for you; what works for you might not work for me. This blog is named Spiritual Warrior Scholar because my way of life and spirituality I learn and develop by disciplining myself through a warrior way and by reading the words of great people.

Not all of what great authors write about works for me, but some of it does. I don’t have to be a Christian or a Muslim, or a Jew to agree with some of their values and beliefs, and likewise, I can be a Christian or Muslim, or a Jew and disagree with some of the values and beliefs of my religion.

Not all of the techniques I learn practicing martial arts work as well for me as they do for others, but some techniques I learn work better for me then they do for someone else. And why would they work differently depending on the person?

Well, everyone’s bodies work differently, are shaped differently, and our minds work differently as well. We don’t all have the same thoughts or emotions, and everyone reacts differently to the things that life throws at us. We’ve all had different life experiences and so why would there be a cookie-cutter way of life to follow that is absolute and perfect for all? Well, I don’t think there is one.


The iconic martial artist Bruce Lee is an excellent example of the concept of going your own way. Bruce trained as a young man with Ip Man, the famous master of wing-chun, but went on to learn other ways of fighting and eventually created his own fighting method, Jeet Kun Do.

Bruce Lee studied different types of philosophy but lived by his own philosophy. He took what worked for him from all that he studied from martial arts and philosophy and went his own way. Living his life that way carried him to huge success, and he left behind a legacy that inspires people even 46 years after his passing.

But I’m not Bruce Lee. So not everything he did will work for me, but maybe some of it will. So don’t get too caught up in what other people are saying you should do, but also be open-minded enough to test things out. Don’t become obsessed with how one person became successful because you are not the same person. Live your life because they are living theirs and it is not yours.

Learn from the mistakes and successes of others. Listen to what other people say, but find the truth for yourself. What I write about Spiritual Warrior Scholar is my way and I hope it helps you along your own way. If not, its cool, I’m going to keep sharing anyways.


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