Life is hard; I get it. All too often, however, we as human beings like to point fingers at outside influences for our own shortcomings. We blame others and victimize ourselves. We point fingers to guide piercing eyes away from our lack of responsibility and laziness.

What is blaming, though? Well, if you looked the word up in the dictionary you’d find a definition a little different from mine. The way I define the word “blame” is by first breaking down the word’s structure into “b” and “lame”. After that, its pretty obvious how I define the word “blame”, which is: to be lame.

Not accepting responsibility for your failures and shortcomings is lame. People will see through your blaming eventually, and then you’ll look even more lame. Know that there is always something you can do or could’ve done and that at the end of the day, its always your fault. The queston is, are you willing to do what it takes?

Imagine yourself 10 years into the future. Let’s say you cotinued to blame the world for the fact that you have poor health. You’re overweight, sickly, and miserable all the time. You’re nothing but negative and you have started to drive all the people who cared about you away because of your negativity. Sounds like a pretty lame life, right?

Now, imagine yourself 10 years into the future and instead of blaming the world for everything you don’t like about yourself, you accepted the fact that you are the problem and that you and you alone are responsible for changing that. You exercise, eat healthy, and you are a beacon of light for the other people in your life. You are successful because you never made excuses and because you are responsible for yourself, you can even be responsible enough to take care of other people that you love. Sounds, like a wonderful life, right?

The difference between the you that blames and the you that accepts responsibility for you own problems is a simple difference that creates a world of difference. That simple difference was that you chose not to b-lame. In the end, blaming will only hurt the one who does the blaming, and often the pain of accepting responsibility for your own problems is less painful the the outcome of blaming those problems on others.

Be responsible. You are the problem. There is always something you can do or could’ve done. The question is, are you willing? Are you willing to take a look in the mirror and see yourself as the problem? Are you willing to do what it takes to have what you want, despite the pain it involves? Are you the one that is being lame?



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