Suckage being the amount of negativity being brought into your life by people, situations, yourself… and so on.

Need for change being the push for spiritual growth, change of environment, change of people you allow into your life… and so on.

We all have times in our life when things just plain suck. We have all been though it. When your job sucks, bills sucks, your health is in bad shape, or you’re having problems in a relationship. What we as spiritual beings need is change. The amount of suckage in your life is directly proportional to the amount of change you need in yourself or in your life. When life feels overwhelmingly negative or someone or something is able to trigger negative thoughts or emotions, the spirit is calling for change by bringing the negativity into awareness. Remember to accept responsibility for everything in your life, and then ask,” what needs to change?”

Deep down you will always know what it is that needs to change and it will most always be yourself. Yes, there are times that another person is the source of negativity, perhaps what needs to change is you allowing them into your life. Don’t go throwing people out of your life left and right, try to change yourself if you find fault, but if the fault lies with the other then do not feel bad about distancing yourself for that person or not allowing them into your life anymore.

Does your job suck? Yes? Then you need change. Does your job fulfill you? No? Then find one that does or create it. It may seem frightening, however I find a life lived in eternal suckage because of the fear of change far more horrifying then risking what you have to follow a dream that will fulfill you. Scared to risk it all, but stuck in unending suckage? Ask yourself what you’re really risking. What do you really ever have besides yourself? People, material things, and money all come and go, for all are subject to mujo. Nothing will bring you more satisfaction then peace of mind, knowing you did your best and followed your heart. Living in suckage and regret will only age you and sap your vital energy. Learn to embrace the suckage and use it to grow. Be thankful for it’s push and teachings.

Flow and embrace change. Adapt. Grow. We have all heard of the survival of the fittest. What defines fitness? The ability to adapt. Those who fail to adapt get left behind, history and evolution are full of examples of this idea. Do not accept suckage as a part of your life. Break past your fear and go into the unknown. Fate favors the brave. The universe rewards courage and persistence. So whenever life starts to suck, look within and see what needs to change and do it.


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