Truth is your greatest ally. When all else crumbles, the truth shall remain standing tall. The truth shall be your solid, unmoving rock. To hold fast to the truth is what it really means to be courageous. To live constantly hiding from the truth is to live in fear, thus giving away your power and control. Walking in truth is to walk the path of God. The path of God being the life lived closest to your highest potential.

Speak honestly and live honestly. To live honestly is to live according to your true nature. Be yourself and do that which brings you closer to your higher self. Avoid doing that which causes disharmony within your heart. Do not tell lies, lies are a form of black magic. To create false images in the minds of others is very dangerous, both for the liar and the one being told the lie. If and when the lie is exposed, it can cause damage to the psyche and have other negative unforeseen effects. For according to the Law of Cause and Effect, all causes shall have their effects, and no effect is without cause. Because you lie, your lies have effects, whether or not you see them. It is best not to take the risk of not living in truth at all because you do not want to stand against the truth. You will lose.

Often when the truth is told, and we are at fault, we encounter fear. We fear what will change when the truth is exposed. This is when you must have faith and step back upon the way of truth. All will seem as if it were to come to an end; keep faith and endure. The truth always wins, and if you were not living in truth, you will suffer the consequences sooner or later, so choose truth. The truth is merciful when you surrender and will give you unexpected blessings.

To live honestly means to live in your purpose. Do that which brings you closer to your purpose, and avoid that which only distracts or goes against your purpose. Living in truth to your purpose will bring you into balance and harmonize you with the universe. If someone or something is distracting you from or removing you from your purpose, then remove them/it from you life. When you do not live in harmony with the truth, you will only suffer the inevitable imbalance that follows and waste a blessing of a life. It will become easier to resist temptations when you internalize the fact that by giving into temptation, you only lose in the end.

To live outside of your truth will not be rewarding in the long term even if the short term pleasures seem rewarding. It is not necessarily a negative thing to experience a temptation, for it can result in much learning and enlightenment.  However, to continue indulging in temptation is a negative thing and will lead you to destruction.

Live your purpose, speak honestly, and live by your own truth (moral code). It is vital to form your own moral code in order to discern when you are in line with your truth and when you are straying from the path. I chose truth as a virtue to form spiritual discipline and awareness as well as to keep me straight on the path to spiritual growth.


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