Manifestation is a word you hear a lot more often nowadays. There’s hoards of spiritual teachers and gurus, all with their own ways of teaching you how to manifest what you desire, and they all claim to know the best way or the only way to do so.

I’m not one of those. In fact, I think that there is a whole lot of great information out there on how to manifest what you want and that there is no one way to do it. What I am attempting to do in this article is to help you understand how manifestation works and how simple it can be if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

Manifestation is a way that you influence energy. Everything is energy.  The Principle of Vibration teaches us that everything vibrates, nothing is at rest and that all matter is, is simply a form of vibration slow enough for us to see and dense enough for us to interact with. I think that modern science can certainly agree with these facts without much resistance.

There are many different forms of energy, but we will stick to two different forms of energy for the sake of keeping it simple for understanding the basics of manifestation. The two forms of energy that we will discuss are potential energy and kinetic energy.

What you desire and the image you form of it in your mind is potential energy. You have within you the potential to have or be that which you desire as long as you can see it with your mind’s eye and be realistic with your ability and resources, but even then, the extraordinary can happen with enough belief and resolution.

So you have the potential all figured out, and you should train yourself to be able to clearly picture whatever it is that you desire in your mind. The next step is to turn that potential energy you have mentally created into kinetic energy and eventually, whatever you desire will manifest itself.

So how does one turn the potential into kinetic? Well, by using  the Principle of Correspondence we can liken how to manifest our mental desires by observing how potential energy is transmuted into kinetic energy in nature. The way this transformation occurs is by the acting upon the object by an outside force.

We can use a soccer ball as an example. The ball has the potential to roll, or fly through the air or to bounce off the ground. The way that this potential is manifested is when gravity acts upon the ball, or when you throw or kick it. What I’m saying is that you must act upon your desires if you want them to manifest. It’s as simple as that. You are the outside force.

In order to manifest that which you desire, you have to act in such a way that you attract, through vibration, that which you want. Thinking and visualizing helps, of course, but action is the bridge between the nonphysical and the physical. The mental image you create is a form of vibration, and in order to manifest it you must bring your own vibration into alignment with that mental image. You must tune your thoughts, words and deeds into that mental vibration.

If you desire to be healthy and fit, then imagine what it is that you would look like being fit, think of what you would have to do to get there and then DO IT! Stop looking for tricks and tips and work within the laws of nature and you can have whatever it is that  you want. That is the secret, actually, to work with nature and not against it. Learning how to think and visualize are important to learn and master, but they are not enough on their own. The way to turn your potential into reality is by being kinetic.

Think it. Visualize it. Speak it. ACT IT.



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