I was going to be lazy this morning. Actually, I was. Staying up too late last night lead to me sleeping in this morning. However, my biological clock got me up at my usual time and I couldn’t really get back to a good sleep. In essence, I just wasted time just laying in bed.

Finally, I gave up on trying to catch a few extra z’s and got up and ready for the day. When I was made decent enough to expose myself to the masses, I then sat on my bed and contemplated the next move.

The initial thought was to head to a nearby restaurant for some breakfast and coffee and have a good read. There was a sense of pleasure associated with that idea as if just thinking about it released dopamine in my brain.

The second option was to do what I should do and stay at home and make breakfast myself and not drink coffee and eat the things I should be eating that I know come from good, organic sources.

You see, I’ve been reading How to Eat, Move and be Healthy, by Paul Chek which is by far the best book on health I have ever read. That book is so eye-opening and shockingly informative that it almost scares you into being healthy. Once you know you cannot forget.

The problem with the restaurants around me is that most of the food that is served is food that I now know that I shouldn’t be eating, and I know I shouldn’t be drinking coffee either.

I was thinking lazy and started my day off lazy and so the restaurant option was the most appealing. I sat there weighing the options when I thought, it’s not what’s good for you. I felt the truth of it and without thinking about it anymore, I rose from my seat and when straight to the kitchen and got to work.

I didn’t give myself time to think about it anymore. I was just moving until I was too invested to even consider going out to eat as an option any longer. I put on some music, opened the windows to get some fresh air and cooked myself an excellence and healthy breakfast.

I had a blast, and that blast lifted my spirits and turned my day around. I felt my energy rise and shortly after my breakfast, I went to go work out and hit a new personal record.

The whole day was great, and it’s all because I acted out of self-love and not out of laziness. It only took that one act to turn my whole day around. So the next time you’re having a lazy or a bad day, do one thing out of self-love and see where it takes you. You might be surprised.



      • Aha! Finally, a fellow advocate of the wisdom of Paul – would be very interesting to officially enroll in the CHEK Institution. But there’s so much free information he gives out, I feel there’s no need!

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      • That guy is my hero. I’ve been following my metabolic type meal plan and doing the zone exercises in How to Eat, Move and be Healthy, and I feel great. I’m currently studying to get my CPT with NASM and Paul has really helped me understand a lot of what I’m learning. When I’m done with that I plan to enroll in the CHEK institution. He does give away enough information to do it on your own, but I want the credentials too.

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      • Wow, that’s real impressive. I’m not surprised that Pauls magic has worked, but credit to you for putting the work in! Wishing you all the best with your studies and I hope to hear more from you bringing health and happiness to the world. From another spiritual warrior to another, Aho great spirit!

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