For the longest time, I had a negative association with the internet. I believe social media, most of all, was an evil demon. All I saw was the worst of people, and sometimes the worst of myself as well. I deleted my all my social media for a very long time.

I was polarized. I wasn’t purposeful with my use of the internet and fell into the bondage of negativity. My attention was directed at entertainment and self-gratification instead of that which would benefit me.

The long era of anti-social mediaism came to conclusion one summer day when I was showing off some of my artwork to a friend. Yeah, maybe I was being a little egotistic; get over it. My friend was admiring a box I had burned, as I was starting out on my pyrography journey.

“You should post pictures of your art on Instagram, dude,” he said. “Na,” I replied. “I don’t like social media.” He was not dismayed and continued to induce me to the power of social media. His phone flew out of his pocket, and the app was opened. He showed me a few of the tattoo artists that he followed, and I stood there captivated by the incredible artwork he was exposing me to.

The idea came to me that if I used my social media with the purpose of promoting my artwork that I could avoid all the pitfalls of my previous relationship to it. And so I did just that. Soon, I was receiving more and more requests for commissioned artwork and my small and humble pyrography business grew.

I connected with people that I would’ve otherwise never had the opportunity to work with. As my business grew, so did my skill, and soon I was inspired to go beyond my artwork and shared my writing. Which leads us here.

Now I am polarized to the positive, the side of progress. I am human too, however, and there is the occasion where I find myself pointlessly indulging in social media as I’m sure we all sometimes do. The Hermetic Principle of Polarity teaches us that there are two sides to everything, that there exists both good and bad in all. What is important is what you choose to focus your attention on, what you dedicate your time to, and how you choose to perceive things.






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