Sound vibration forming geometric patterns with sand

Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.” – The Kybalion

The third Hermetic Principle embodies the truth that nothing rests, everything vibrates, which is a fact that modern science endorses and is taught in schools all around the world. This Principle explains that differences in all planes of manifestation are a consequence of differing rates of vibration. Everything vibrates and the higher the vibration, the higher the position on the scale of the Planes of Being. All mental states depend on vibration.

“To change your mood or mental state- change your vibration.” – The Kybalion

The Hermetic way of changing your mental vibrations is by utilizing the Will to focus the Attention upon the desired mental state. By directing your Attention by means of the Will, your Attention will change your vibration and thus your mental state. The most effective way to change your vibration is by using the Principle of Polarity to polarize from the negative pole to the positive pole of whatever mental state you are experiencing.


Nikola Tesla, a giant of science, is the man who we modern-day humans can thank for the vast majority of the technology we use in our daily lives. Tesla is responsible for alternating current, remote controls, and neon lamps, just to name a few of his inventions. An inventor who was ahead of his time, Nikola Tesla even claimed to be capable of building a “death ray”. This great scientist knew the importance of vibration.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Everything is energy and everything vibrates. The Hermetics teach that every thought, emotion, and mental state has its corresponding vibration and that by fostering certain vibrations, you will attract phenomena of similar, resonating vibrations. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as the Law of Attraction, which is really only the effects of other Laws in play.

What’s interesting is that vibration from sound has the power to affect the physical structure of matter. Many different scientists have tested this phenomenon with very interesting results. Often, sand, dust, or various liquids are dispersed onto a metal plate, the metal plate is then connected to an oscillator and exposed to different frequencies. Whatever the substance was, when exposed to various frequencies, the substance would form different geometric shapes, similar to mandalas. If we apply the Principle of Correspondence to this phenomenon, we can assume that if sound indeed has an effect on sand or liquids, then it must have a similar effect on us as human beings. After all, we are made of 70-80% water. Check out The Hidden Messages in Water by Masuro Emoto to learn about his experiments with sound vibration and its effects on water crystals.

Cymatics experiment with sound

We all depend on vibration for more than we know, and by using the power of vibration, we can change our lives inside and outside in ways that we previously thought to be impossible. I hope you have a greater understanding of the importance of vibration, as well as how you can use it to change your mindstates and moods. Like and comment below, and happy reading!

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