BOOK REVIEW: The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto

Rating: 4.7 of 5

Dr. Masaru Emoto is a Japanese scientist who started taking high- speed photographs of water crystals as they formed. Although that statement in itself doesn’t sound all that interesting, what he discovered about water from the photographs that he took was amazing. Through his experiments he found that water has the ability to memorize and copy information that it is exposed to.

Now, if that doesn’t intrigue you, it should. Why? Well mostly because your body is constructed of 70 percent water. Maybe the body doesn’t look like it is, but this fact has been proven by science and should be of importance to you.

For you to better understand why the fact that you are made of mostly water is important, I’ll explain Dr. Emoto’s experiments to you. Dr. Emoto would expose water to different words, sounds, music, and pictures of scenery and then freeze the water and take photographs of the water crystals as they formed. What he discovered though his experiments was incredible.

Water that had been exposed to words (written or spoken) such as “love and gratitude” or “thank you” formed beautiful, defined crystals. The water that was labeled “idiot” or “fool” or water that was just completely ignored form distorted, unsymmetrical crystals. This discovery alone is incredibly important. It demonstrates in a way we can see, the power of your words and intentions on a physical level.


Dr. Emoto then took his experiments further and played music in front of his bottles of water and then again took his photographs. Crystals formed by water exposed to classical music or jazz formed beautiful, complex crystals, and water that was forced to listen to death metal or any music with negative messages formed distorted crystals.


Environmental factors as well as pollution content played important roles in the type of crystals that formed. In fact, tap water or water with high levels of pollution would not form crystals, but water from natural sources such as rivers and streams would form beautiful crystals. However, polluted water was able to form crystals after being blessed by Shinto priests. Which goes to show that, even when water is polluted, that positive words and intentions can once again purify the water.

Don’t think its possible? Well if you read his book, I’m sure Dr. Emoto can convince you. If you take anything away from this book, and you will, it should be that we as the human race should start to care more about the state of water in our bodies as well as the water on this Earth. Choose what you expose yourself to wisely because it will be reflected by the water in your body.  Water absorbs vibration, and it has an impact on you even if it is undetectable to the eye. Speak positive messages to yourself and others because your words have more power then you may be aware of. Care for yourself and your environment and in return it will take care of you.

I highly recommend this book to all my fellow water beings. Its a relatively short read at 157 pages, many of which are photographs. So don’t make excuses and read this life- changing book. Change your perspective on yourself and the universe around you.


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