We’ve all had those moments, when inspiration hits you, and you feel compelled to act, but you don’t. You know, when you see that cute girl and you want to go talk to her, but you don’t. Maybe its that moment you see your boss and think about asking for that raise you know you deserve, but you hesitate and allow the opportunity to slip by. Or perhaps its the times we know we should speak out to that person bullying us, or to our significant other about their behavior. Those opportunities and experiences we allow to slip by are moments we know we should do something but don’t. Why do we do this? Usually because of fear and self- doubt. How do we stop this from happening?  THE 3 SECOND RULE.


Don’t be like Homer, twiddling your fingers, frozen in hesitation, and full of doubt. The 3 Second Rule is simple and effective. When you have one of those moments you feel compelled to do something, you count to three, and get in motion. Shut off your mind and act. The reason why we allow fear and doubt to keep us from doing the things we know we should, is because we give ourselves time to think. We allow the mind to create problems. We think, “Well, what if she doesn’t like me”, or the classic, “What if they say, no?”  Giving yourself time to think allows time for doubt to creep in and convince you you’re not good enough or that you’re undeserving. You will never know exactly what the outcome will be if you act. The only way you’ll know the outcome is if you fail to act, which leaves you in the same place with regret as company. So when that inspiration hits, count to three, and start moving.

The 3 Second Rule is a tool I use to promote the virtue of courage. Being courageous doesn’t mean you don’t feel fear, but that you act anyways. I’ve found the 3 Second Rule incredibly helpful, and I always feel better acting then not acting on my moments of inspiration even if I fail because I realize the failure was never as terrifying as I imagined it.

Now, don’t be stupid and use the 3 Second Rule to make important life decisions. Of course there will be important things in your life that will require concentrated thought and planning, but there are also things that don’t. Learn to distinguish the two and use the 3 Second rule accordingly. Use it to go talk to that cute girl/boy, to do that workout, and especially to do those things you know you should but are scared to do.  Don’t live in fear and allow your mind to prevent you from being the kind of person you want to be or to keep you from having the life you want.

Remember…. 1.. 2.. 3..  Move!



  1. Hello spiritualwarriorscholar,
    I have been following your blog this past couple of months and I truly enjoy and admire your perspective in life. I too am a father and was wondering if you were ever going to touch on the subject of fatherhood, I would like to hear about your thoughts and advice (in either blog or email format). I have been working on the three second rule, it has gotten me such a success rate positively so far. I hope to hear back from you. -Bobby


    • Hey Bobby,
      I appreciate you taking time to let me know how much you enjoy my content and I’m glad you’ve been seeing positive results using the 3 Second Rule! I haven’t considered a post on the subject of fatherhood, however, I’d be glad to write about it. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


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