I chose to add the virtue of order to my code because outer order reflects inner order. “As above, so below; as below, so above.” The Kybalion When you are orderly in one so you will be in the other. Outer order reflects inner discipline, good thought management, and self-control. I believe this to be the reason why order is so strictly enforced in the military and in many other professions. Order is a necessary virtue for any who wish to walk a path of great success and achievement. Seldom do the disorganized achieve much, and if they do, rarely do they succeed in maintaining it.

Think of a highly successful company or corporation. These businesses are successful because they are highly effective in the management of time, money, and human resources. If you use the Principal of Correspondence  to liken yourself to a corporation, you will see you must also be effective in the management of yourself to be successful at whatever you do. Bring order to the chaos and take control of how you live.


First, you must expand your awareness. Be aware of how you manage your time, money, and other resources. Start recording and planning. “Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time.” – Benjamin Franklin Try, for a month, to keep things clean and organized, to plan your days/ weeks, and to record your activity, as well as cash flow. Soon your awareness will expand because you will KNOW what is happening in your life through the evidence of your documentation. Once you have the knowledge, you, in turn, have the power to create change. If you feel lost and out of control of your life, become aware, and then establish order.

The virtue of Order will also help you manage stress. Organizing and cleaning are natural stress relievers. I always feel more peace of mind when my house is clean and organized. With my plans made, I feel purposeful and directed. When my possessions are in order, I feel in control and relaxed. Likewise, when my house is a train- wreck and my planner is bare, I feel overwhelmed by life and thus begin to regress. Be on the side of progression by planning it and by being aware of when you’re deviating from that direction.

It can be exhausting at first, as it usually is with enforcing a new discipline, but with enough repetition, ordering your life will become natural and habitual. There is no need to go to extremes. Take care of the most important things to you like the management of time, finances, as well as the order of your living space and belongings. If you start creating order in the physical plane, then you shall become orderly in the mental as well.



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